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BÆR. Makeup Brushes - The Essential Eye Set

£73.00 £51.00

BÆR. Makeup Brushes - The Essential Eye Set

£73.00 £51.00
Tax included.

BÆR Makeup Brushes have been specially designed and selected by professional Makeup Artist and BÆR founder, Scarlett Burton.

Scarlett is a professional makeup artist with an incredible career spanning over 10 years which has seen her travel the world for photoshoots, work with the biggest fashion houses and create looks for some of the most notable beauty brands.

"It was so important for me to design makeup brushes that are the perfect shape for professional makeup artistry but also easy enough for every makeup lover to use. Beauty should be accessible to everyone, no matter of training or ability. I want people to feel inspired to create when using the BÆR Brushes."

All BÆR Makeup Brushes are multi-use, meaning that every brush can be used in many different ways and there's not a right or wrong way to use each brush so you won't find them labelled as Concealer, Blush, Lip etc - only suggested uses by Scarlett. Use whatever shape brush feels right for you and get creative!

All brushes are synthetic and cruelty free.

  • BÆR Makeup Brushes - The Essential Eye Set includes 8 BÆR brushes from our collection that have been specially selected by our makeup artist founder, Scarlett Burton, to create a full Eye Makeup look

  • The set includes the perfect mix of multi-use brushes with different shapes and sizes to be able to create a full makeup look for the Eyes.

All BÆR Brush sets include a saving of 30% as compared to buying the same brushes separately

- BÆR Brush No.16 is the perfect brush for liner and small details

- BÆR Brush No.17 is perfect for smudging kohl pencil, pigment and glitter application

- BÆR Brush No.22 is perfect for blending cream and powder eyeshadows

- BÆR Brush No.25 is perfect for blending powder eyeshadows in the socket and lower lash line

- BÆR Brush No.27 with the shaped angled tip is perfect for blending powder into the sockets and across the lids

- BÆR Brush No.30 is perfect for smokey eyes and blending powder across the lids

- BÆR Brush No.34 is perfect for creating separated mascara with no clumps and for brushing up unruly brows

- BÆR Brush No.36 is perfect to fill in the brow, sculpt the brow shape and apply eyeliner

  • All BÆR Makeup Brushes are Synthetic and Cruelty Free

"This is my perfect BÆR Essential Eye Set for all Eye Makeup looks. Whether I'm working on a fashion shoot, a private client or on my own face for a night out, I find the Essential Eye Set is the perfect mix of sizes and shapes for all makeup looks! It's the perfect set for everyone, from professional makeup artists to makeup lovers wanting to elevate their eye makeup skills."


To ensure the longest life of your BÆR Brushes, here are our tips to keep them soft, shiny, and clean!

  • Keeping your brushes clean will ensure they provide the highest quality application
  • We
    recommend you wash your brushes for personal use at least once per week
    using shampoo or washing up liquid. For professional brushes, it is
    vital to wash your brushes after each client

How To:

  • Wet
    the brush head in lukewarm water then swirl the tip into the shampoo or
    soap until it lathers. Continue to swirl until all makeup is removed
  • Rinse the brush head under running water until all detergent is removed then squeeze out the excess water
  • Groom the tip of your brush back to the original shape and leave on a flat surface to dry
  • Avoid
    submerging the entire brush in water as this will corrode the ferrule
    (metal brush head) over time and never dry your brushes upright as the
    water will sink into the ferrule and loosen the bristles

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